Thursday, 27 October 2016

Are You a Corporate Seeking to Help for Social Cause?

Corporate can support one of the following causes under CSR.

Child EducationCorporate Social Responsibility
Women Empowerment
Senior Citizens Care
Legal Aid to PoorRural Area Development
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How Does a Social Work and Volunteering helps a Corporate and it’s Employees?

CSR activities not only benefits the society and underprivileged sections but also, reaps benefits for a corporate itself and it’s employees.
  • It builds a brand profile for the company and helps to maintain trust between the company and it’s clients.
  • Helps to secure a positive image.
  • Keeps the employees motivated through active volunteering participation and spreads community mindedness.
  • Encourages the businesses to act ethically and to consider the social and environmental impacts of their business on the society.
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  • Helps to cure various diseases in the communities in which you operate.
Corporate Social Responsibility in India
This is not new concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in India. It emerged from the ‘Vedic period” when history was not recorded in India. In that period, Kings had an obligation towards society and merchants displayed their own business responsibility by building places of worship, education, inns and wells.
There are different ways through which we help the oraganisations in exerting positive social change in society. We provide structured and professional services to enable companies, donors and NGOs to collaborate with each other and impact thousands of lives in India.
  • Research and Implementation of Schemes
  • Customization of Projects as per donor’s specification
  • Brand Building
  • Tax exemption
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