Thursday, 3 November 2016

NGO that looks after the ones who once looked after you

No matter how much you grow up and become independent and responsible, there comes a stage when you develop a need to rely on someone. Unfortunately, their dependency becomes a burden on their offspring. There has been an enormous increase in the number of senior citizens being sent to old age homes. These homes are built for the elderly in order to provide them basic food and shelter. These shelter homes are run by ordinary social workers who devote themselves for the good of the society.
Senior Citizens Care NGO in India
After crossing a certain age, a person becomes weak, physically, emotionally and economically. They become dependent for their day to day chores. Their dependency in terms of economic matters also increases. There are various Senior Citizen Care non-governmental organizations in India that ensure the access of senior citizens to basic food, shelter and health care.
Senior Citizens Care NGO in IndiaThe elderly-class people tend to develop various illnesses including mental loss. They need to be taken care of round the clock. Today’s generations are so taken up in their own world that they neglect the needs and proper care of the aged members of the family. It becomes a burden to look after them. In most cases, the elderly either spend their old age in isolation or are sent to old age home where they’re accompanied by people of same age.
Senior Citizens Care NGO in IndiaTherefore, Senior Citizen Care NGOs in Delhi are set up across the nation to fight the war of life for the elderly. We, at Lex Alliance Foundation, endeavour to support them in not just economically but also physically and emotionally. We make sure proper health care is accessible to them through medicines, therapies, counseling, etc., and bring them out of the isolation they’re left in.

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